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Wellness Programs

Individualized programs tailored to your unique goals and abilities.

virtual sessions perfect for your busy lifestyle, with in-person options available.

personal training

Monthly Membership

A monthly membership to a holistic wellness program.

Using an individualized, systematic approach, you will be provided with the tools necessary to create lasting change. There is no "one-size-fits all" approach to any lifestyle changes. As such, your plan will be customized to your unique needs and abilities. Through education, empowerment, behavioral change, performance enhancement, nutrition, massage, stress management, and more - you will be set on your path to meet your goals. 

$150 / month

3 month plan

Fostering Self-efficacy, and utilizing an evidence based, systematic plan. 

The goal is to create a plan that can last a lifetime. We are ending the back and forth cycles! Creating systematic, measurable plans will help fine-tune what works best for your body. Your plan grows with you, and will change as you change mentally and physically. A 3 month plan will start you off on the path to changing your habits, while increasing self-efficacy. 

$450 / 3 months

 This plan includes 24/7 accountability, and 10 online or in-person sessions.

Nutritional Cooking
Fitness Class

6 month plan

Fostering Self-efficacy, and utilizing an evidence based, systematic plan. 

Utilizing varying systems and techniques that are proven to be effective, a 6 month plan can transform your mind and body, allowing the proper time to truly commit, and see lasting progress. Enhancing your wellness through education, accountability, and empowerment, we will work together to meet your goals. All coaching is customized to suit your body's unique needs.

$850 / 6 months

 This plan includes 24/7 accountability, and 20 online or in-person sessions.


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massage and wellness

Jordin Breaud 
Great Falls, MT 
Personal Trainer  |  Nutrition Coach
Behavior Change Specialist
Weight Loss Specialist
Performance Enhancement Specialist
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Licensed Massage Therapist

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