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Nutritional Cooking



This is not a one-size-fits all program. From the initial consultation through the maintenance phase, I will be there as a pillar of support, and guide you through the vast world of nutrition. Utilizing evidence based, systematic, and empowering techniques, we uncover a plan that truly works with your mind and body.


The goal is to create long-term success by targeting behavioral change, creating new neural pathways, and learning more about what you enjoy while still meeting those goals. Whether you're an advanced athlete, a new mom, coming into older age, or just need some accountability - I can support you through the ups and downs, and help you reach your unique goals!


My passion lies in finding sustainable ways to help people reach their potential. I have struggled with disordered eating myself, and haven't always had a healthy relationship with food. I understand how hard it can be, and all the feelings that go along with it! Through my own personal struggle, I've found that I truly love diving deep into WHY we do what we do, and HOW we can change those behaviors into positive, healthy ones. It doesn't have to be miserable - there are ways to mend that relationship with food, and create lasting successful lifestyle changes - all while enjoying yourself!

I hope that wherever you are in your journey, you can begin to feel confident that change IS possible, and know that your body is capable of incredible things! 

- Jordin 

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Feel free to reach out anytime with questions, thoughts, or concerns!

For booking a free nutrition consultation, fitness/corrective exercise class, or other services, please utilize the booking page.

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