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Available Services

Shoulder Massage

30 Minute Massage


A 30 minute massage is a great option if you are looking for a highly focused massage. This amount of time does not allow for a full body treatment. 

Herbal Oils



During your treatment, this add-on service will enhance your massage by using your choice of essential oil to promote relaxation. 

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Therapeutic Tandem Massage

2 Therapists working at the same time, this service allows for double the work in shorter periods. The extra sensory input can allow for faster, deeper relaxation.

Oil Massage

90 Minute Massage


This amount of time allows for a full body treatment, in addition to focused work on specified areas. If you are looking to maximize relaxation, this is the time for you.


Deep Tissue Massage  

Deep tissue massage aims to reach deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. This option may help manage pain, and increase range of motion. This is an add-on service.


Fitness/Nutrition Coaching

Personal Training and Nutrition coaching that is individualized and aligns with your unique  goals.

Online training is available.

Swedish Massage

60 Minute Massage


A 60 minute massage is one of the most commonly booked services. This time allows for a full body treatment, and is a great option if you are trying massage for the first time.


Cupping Therapy 


Cupping therapy dates back to 1550 BC, and the practice has since become widely popular. Studies show cupping is effective in decreasing pain perception, and increasing range of motion.

Couples Massage

Couples Massage

Two tables in one room, our couples massage is a great shared experience for relaxation, tension relief, and all the benefits of massage.


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Jordin Breaud    |    (214) 406-9498

105 Smelter Ave NE Suite 110 Great Falls, Montana 59404

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