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Why Train Your Core?

Is there more to core than nice abs? ABSOLUTELY!

Without a sufficiently trained core, you're subject to injury, prone to issues like low back pain, and can have decreased performance with less efficient movement. Swinging, kicking, sprinting, throwing, and jumping all need a strong core to produce movement efficiently.

First - What Is The Core?

Another name for the core is the "lumbo-pelvic hip complex" (the LPHC). Not only is the core your abs, but also muscles like your back, glutes, pelvic floor, diaphragm, & hip complex!

So - Why Train Your Core?

  • Overall injury prevention

  • Increased balance

  • Increased overall strength

  • Improved pain, function, and performance

  • Reduced chance of low back pain

A progressive training program should be applied starting with stability, then strength, then on to power. Following this approach protects you from postural issues, altered (bad) movement patterns, and injury!

With this we must remember: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!

Utilizing proprioceptive techniques (balance discs, standing on one leg, balls, bands, closing your eyes, etc.) is MORE important than using heavy weight or resistance.

Beginning with stability- This stage should last around 4 weeks.

This would include exercises that have LITTLE to NO motion in your spine/pelvis. Yes, you guessed it- PLANKS! I know you all love those! Another favorite of mine is what I call the "Ball Brace". Lying on your back, you squeeze the exercise ball between extended arms and bent knees (like a bug on its back). Make sure you brace your core, keeping your lower back flat on the ground! The idea is to brace and provide stability to the spine. This is why when you lift weight, or perform exercises ill be telling you to draw-in or brace your core! Utilizing this will increase power, efficiency, and functional movement with training, all while protecting you from injury! After this stage you can move to strength exercises, then onto power. Here are my favorite must-haves for core training: #ad

I hope this was helpful, and if you would like to know more about other training techniques, lets set up a consultation to see if my training program is right for you! Utilizing a systematic approach with your whole body wellness in mind, my goal is to bring you to the best version of yourself in a fun, inclusive, enjoyable way! I hope you guys have a wonderful week, and I look forward to seeing/hearing from you!


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