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Resistance Training

Updated: Jan 20

Lets get right into it - How does resistance training benefit you?

  1. Improves cardiovascular efficiency

  2. Beneficial for endocrine & serum lipid regulation

  3. Increased bone density

  4. Increased lean body mass

  5. Decreased body fat

  6. Increased metabolism

  7. Decreased physiological stress

  8. Increased strength, power, and endurance

WOW! So many benefits!

As our body navigates this wild environment, it has a goal to maintain homeostasis. With this, it follows predictable patterns. One of those patterns we call "General Adaptation Syndrome". Basically, this means that the human body has the ability to adapt to stress placed upon it. Because ya know... we're superheros! Well, we all know that increasing weight during training will help us get stronger... but what about other variables? What about your tendons and ligaments? What about your nerves?

Did you know connective tissue adapts more slowly than muscle tissue, mostly due to less blood flow. In order to lift high levels of tension, you need strong connective tissue. Failing to do so can result in injury and create altered movement patterns that can negatively affect performance! All aspects of your body adapt to stress at different rates, so it is important to train correctly to get that competitive edge (and stay safe). If you just constantly overload your system you can reach exhaustion & this can lead to things like stress fracture, muscle strain, and emotional fatigue. You never think it will be you, until it is!

6-7 days a week of weight training isn't doing you any favors. A great example of this - Type IIx muscle fibers (which are stronger and faster than type IIa), are actually REPRESSED through heavy training! Training LESS with lighter loads after a period of heavy resistance training increases the amount of type IIx fibers. This will give you better performance in the end! Proof that REST is beneficial to your gain goals! Don't even get me started on why we need 8-10 hours of sleep every night! Anyways - The use of resistance training is an important component to any training plan. Below I have listed some resistance training must-haves to incorporate into your next workout : #ad

I hope you all have enjoyed reading & learning, and if you ever have any questions about specific training plans, or just want to start a wellness journey of your own, lets schedule a consultation! Online or in person, I will be here for you! Wish you all the best week ahead! Talk to you soon!


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