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Misleading Myths In Wellness

When it comes to fitness and nutrition - there are SO many misleading claims. Claiming you can "target belly fat", or "boost your metabolism with one pill" - these are all marketing strategies that are used to target consumers, and lead you to believe whatever they are selling is beneficial to your health. Even substances that are "backed by science" or "doctor approved", can all be false when you do some digging & research. Lets take the "target your belly fat" example... It is impossible to JUST lose fat in your stomach. When the body sheds fat, it is from the body as a whole. Your genetic factors may also play a role in where you store and lose fat, but the concept of doing a workout, or taking a supplement to lose belly fat (or any targeted area), is fake!

Nutrition is one of the top culprits when it comes to fat loss. If your "energy-in" is more than your "energy-out"... you will GAIN mass (muscle or fat depending on exercise). If your "energy-in" is less than your "energy-out"... you will LOSE mass (muscle or fat depending on nutrition). This basic formula is what can start you on your journey to either muscle gain or fat loss. Knowing your basal metabolic rate, and calculating daily caloric needs is something you can learn as a base to build upon.

No matter what your goals are, there are healthy, sustainable ways to reach them with time. Setting those "SMART" goals, having realistic expectations, and controlling variables in your environment are all ways to set yourself up for success. One of my favorite ways to control my environment is to batch prep (similar to meal prep, but using basic items like meat or rice instead of a full meal), and utilize storage options for healthy snacks in pre-made portions so I don't over-indulge. Below I've listed some food storage ideas to help get you on track to a less tempting and more efficient lifestyle: #ad

If you are ever interested in knowing fact from fiction when it comes to fitness & nutrition, I would love to schedule a consultation, and help you through your wellness journey. Your goals CAN become reality, but its hard when the world seems to be against you. Knowing the most direct and efficient way to get from point A to point B is what I am here to help with. As I always say... work smarter not harder! Hope to talk to you soon!


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