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Home Workout Essentials

Finding the time for exercise is one of the biggest complaints I hear from clients, friends, and coworkers. Between work, children, pets, and hobbies - today's "free time" seems to be shrinking. Sometimes getting to the gym is just NOT feasible! This can lead to your fitness goals seeming impossible, and leave you feeling defeated.

Working "smarter - not harder" is a concept I share often - with every client. Knowing what will be most effective in a short period of time can make all the difference in meeting your goals. Why not get more bang for your buck!? Utilizing specific techniques in a systematic way, can truly enhance your fitness, and allow you to make progress even with limited time & energy. Even with 15 minutes, you can create a lasting impact on your health & wellness.

While body weight exercises can be effective alone, resistance training improves your health in more ways than just increasing muscle mass. With effects ranging from disease management, reduced discomfort from low back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia... adding resistance to your workouts is extremely beneficial. I always recommend a few staple items to create your "home gym" no matter your budget or the space provided. My personal favorites are bands and dumbbells! With their small size and portability - they are what I consider a "must have". Not all equipment is created equally, so investing in the right product that will last you years, is definitely worth it.

Below I've listed some home workout essentials: #ad

I hope through all the stress of life, we all find our way through our wellness journey. Lets create the life we have always dreamed! We are capable of that, and MUCH MORE!


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